H3 First Investments

H3 First Investments LLC is a diversified professional real estate investment company that buys and sells single-family properties in Los Angeles and Orange County California and provides renewable energy solutions nationwide. We are privately owned and seek attractive risk-adjusted returns for our company and partners.

Take Control over Rising Energy Costs

H3 First Investments LLC participates in a network of investors that are ready to make offers and close deals as quickly as 7-15 days. Our relationship with both private and hard money individuals or institutions allows our procurement process the flexibility of making quick decisions on properties of interest

Real Estate agents have quickly become part of our network. Agents have leveraged opportunities in discounted, distressed properties they represent, requiring quick closing. If you are an interested Agent, please visit our Agent page for additional information.

Investors and Wholesalers have also brought opportunities to H3 First Investments LLC. We are always, actively researching new acquisitions and investment properties that meet our criteria. If you are an Investor or Wholesaler with an opportunity, please visit our Wholesaler page for more information.

Real Estate Investments