H3 First Investments LLC is working with many Wholesalers and will simply pay you more for your potential real estate investment opportunity.


H3 First Investments LLC purchases properties for a variety of reasons but also refers properties to other potential investors.  These investors understand H3 First Investments LLC’s parameters insuring you, the Wholesaler, a generous intent to purchase price.

H3 First Investments LLC and investors purchase properties that are distressed sales, short sales, probate sales, or any sale falling within H3 First Investments LLC’s acquisition guidelines.  Properties are purchased cash, private lending, line of credit or hard money.  H3 First Investments LLC’s purchases close fast and without any delay.


As a Wholesaler, if you would like to participate in the real estate investment opportunity, H3 First Investments LLC may include you as a partner in the investment without using any of your own money.  Percentage of splits varies per transaction.


If you would like to discuss a potential real estate opportunity or require additional information, contact H3 First Investments LLC through our contact page.

Real Estate Investments