Horrible Service Yet Predictable

I've been reading some very bad reviews from people and collectively they are correct. What I have experienced with these guys is poor service. Once you win the auction you are set up with a contact person, the designated go-to person. The first email I received from my agent was a demand to send EMD within 24 hours. OK, I understand that part. The next part of the demand is to sign and return a contract within 2 hours. I am an investor and I prefer to take these contracts to my attorney to review and explain to me any pitfalls.
I attempted to contact my agent and it rolled into voicemail. The voicemail says he will return my call in 24 hours. Already this will put me past my deadline. I read it as a delay tactic to force me to abide by any terms in the contract I find disagreeable.

I communicated several times through voicemail and email. I received slow to no response. One of the emails I received urged me to contact his higher up. I did on two occasions and received no response. I guess that makes sense, the boss sets the tone for the employees. While I disliked the service, I now know what to expect on my next endeavor with I think it's an easy service, definitely better than attending a live auction where properties can be canceled and postponed.

Use the service and focus on low prices. Bid on many properties expecting to lose many. All you need is one right?

In hindsight, the service is terrible but not unbearable, as long as you keep the right perspective.

My thought on this is "Close the deal you want, not the one they want" lower your expectations and turn that into a benefit.