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Office hours 9 AM PT - 5 PM PT:

(562) 277-1182

After hours (Emergency):

(562) 277-1182

Requesting Maintenance

There are two ways to request maintenance or repairs.

  1. Complete a Service Request for maintenance or repairs.

  2. Call our 24 Hour Maintenance Hotline outlined above to request maintenance.
    If it is an emergency, please call us immediately.

(Note: If the situation involves a serious water leak, locate the main water valve in your unit and turn it to the off or closed position.)

  • Items to consider before requesting maintenance

For faster resolution, review the following list of helpful tips and advice before calling maintenance.

  1.  Smoke detector won’t work when tested monthly
    • check and replace battery.
    • Notify maintenance immediately if not working.

  2.  Smoke detector beeps softly on and off
    • Check and replace battery.
    • Notify maintenance immediately if not working.

  3.  No power to plugs or switches
    • Check breaker panel or fuse box. Check and reset.

  4.  Garbage disposal won’t work
    • Check and reset button on disposal unit

  5.  No hot water
    • Check thermostat on hot water tank.
    • Is pilot light lit?
    • Check breaker panel or fuses valve closed.

  6.  Hot water “TOO HOT”
    • Check thermostat on tank and turn down.

  7.  Faucet or toilet leaks
    • Turn off water fixture under sink, toilet at valve and notify maintenance.

  8.  Toilet plugged
    • Try plunger.
    • If still plugged call maintenance.

  9.  Sink plugged
    • Check for hair and remove hair from drain

  10.  Heater not working
    • Check thermostat
    • Check button or pilot lights.
    • Furnace covers on correctly?
    • Is pilot light lit?
    • Breaker tripped?

  11.  Dishwasher won’t drain
    • Clean food out of bottom of dishwasher.
    • Clean float.
    • Rinse dishes before washing.
    • Use jet dry once a month.
    • Jet dry prevents hard water build up.

  12.  Refrigerator too warm or too cold
    • Check thermostat and adjust temperature accordingly.
    • Clean dust and lint off front and back grills.
    • Clean out drain hole.

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